Drunk Man Who Was Reported Missing Joins The Search Group that was searching For Him.

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Turkish man's wife called authorities after he went drinking with a friend of his. Luckily, he was found... Well, by himself actually.

a scene worthy of a comedy movie, a Turkish man joined a search party for a missing person not realizing the individual being searched for was him.

Beyhan M, 51 years old, went drinking with a friend in a forest in the town of Inegol, northwest Turkey, late Tuesday. His wife reported him missing to the police after realizing he hadn't returned home.  She was told he had walked away from his friend, and he was drunk too.

12,000-Year-Old Tooth Belonging to a Mastodon Discovered By a Six-Year-Old Boy In Michigan. He’s donating it to University of Michigan.

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This lucky little man is probably the first to put hands on the valuable tooth in most probably thousands of years, according to what a local paleontology museum collection's manager said. The 12,000-year-old tooth has been identified as a tooth that belonged to a juvenile mastodon. While hiking with his family through the Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve in Rochester Hills on Labor Day, six-year-old Julian Gagnon found a priceless souvenir.

dog owner who really cares about his dog refuses to mow lawn so Chihuahua can peek above the clovers

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This dog owner has taken his love for his pet to a new level I'd say.  Indeed, he refuses to mow an entire lawn of clover because his dog loves to play and walk around in these clovers. After sharing the video on TikTok, this made a lot of people's day.



Man Discovers Gigantic Banana at The Super Market.

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A young man named Ethan Barnes couldn’t believe what he saw when he found a giant banana at the weight of nearly 1 pound (0.453592 kg) at the supermarket. Ethan, who is a grocery worker in Michigan, USA, stumbled across the gigantic banana in a Meijer (Grocery store company) store. Barnes shared the clip of him buying and eating the huge banana to his TikTok account, @apmellowboyy, on Tuesday and it has already hit 3 million plus views.