Man Discovers Gigantic Banana at The Super Market.

Submitted by yunusemrejr on Sun, 10/03/2021 - 15:15

A young man named Ethan Barnes couldn’t believe what he saw when he found a giant banana at the weight of nearly 1 pound (0.453592 kg) at the supermarket. Ethan, who is a grocery worker in Michigan, USA, stumbled across the gigantic banana in a Meijer (Grocery store company) store. Barnes shared the clip of him buying and eating the huge banana to his TikTok account, @apmellowboyy, on Tuesday and it has already hit 3 million plus views. In his video, Ethan says “found this big boy while stocking bananas.” “I ate it, almost a pound’s worth of banana went into my stomach,” he said, also saying that it “tasted like your ordinary banana.” Ethan told he nearly didn’t work that day, and saying: “I’d like to say it’s crazy how an everyday item can grab so much attention. I almost called in that day to be honest. I picked it up and knew I had to make a TikTok about it. The internet is the internet, so I thought maybe it could blow up since it was massive.”

Source: News Week.